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Having Fun at Work









I find young Kalani on his knees doing finishing work in a new bathroom. “I want to help God’s work! And it helps me to be more unselfish. It’s good things to learn, too.” Kalani explains how being thrown into bigger responsibilities than he has been used to has been really good learning. More….


Finally a Mission Builder!                          


Charles Gardner from South Africa had to wait 10 years before he finally could make it to Kona with his wife to serve God as Mission Builders! Charles first heard about the opportunity at a men`s breakfast, and a seed was sown in good soil. So when the South African, who worked for many years in Canada, retired, he knew where he was heading first. More…..


Getting grounded with the Lord


Meet mission builders Emily and Cecilia – “getting to know God better on the grounds”

 As I was walking along the campus road a campus work truck came along with two frolicking gals on the way to the parking, after another day working on the grounds. One of them had a bucket on her head. I stopped them, and asked: ”Why on earth are you doing this volunteer ministry with no salary other than food and housing?” more….


God on the move with Kristin


Meet Michigan Mission Builder Kristin Hamway

  • “Last night, I ran into a worship meeting. Then some “random girls” came over to pray for me, and God gave me exactly what I needed! A little crazy! I have never experienced stuff like that before, and it happened my first week!”

Kristin (27) has come to Kona as a Mission Builder for six weeks for one main reason: to seek God`s guidance for the next phase of life. More…..



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